Rebellious Dog Banned From Bed Gets Caught in the Act

After watching this video you may, like us, think twice about leaving your furry little pets at home alone.

A bowling Green, Kentucky channel shared a video of a family dog who was not allowed on the owners’ bed, but every time they came back home they found dog hair all over it. In an attempt to solve the mystery, they installed a camera in the room to see what shenanigans the dog was up to when the owners weren’t around.

What they found is both hilarious and worrisome for those who like to leave the bedroom door open when they’re not around.

The video shows the dog going to town on the bed, presumably as an act of rebellion against being banned from the coveted spot. The pet rolls around, rubs the belly and back into the bed and gets into the corners just for good measure, and has a blast doing so. The show hosts point out that when someone tells you not to do something, it makes you want to do it just that much more. This certainly seems to be the case here.

Check out this dog in bed video for yourself and the next time you’re about to leave the room door wide open for your furry friends to get through, think of this little guy and maybe you’ll pull that door shut.