The 10 Most Beautiful Red Carpet Shoes of Hollywood Starlets

We love watching celebrities flaunt their best styles on the red carpet. The hair, the jewelry, the gowns — everything is so beautiful and lovely! And we’re obsessed with it all, which explains the countless fashion recaps that happen after a big awards show, like the Golden Globes or Emmys.

Unfortunately, one thing that often gets left out of the mix is the footwear, even though red carpet shoes are often just as expensive as the gowns and some of the glitter those celebrities are flaunting for the cameras. And, while long flowing gowns are great, they can hide the gawk-worthy heels that starlets don on for the big night. That’s quite a shame, because anyone who knows anything about fashion knows that your shoes can make or break a look. Maybe that’s why we all own so many, right?

Thankfully, many celebrities understand the the power a great pair of heels can have to complete the outfit and to our delight, so they take care to showcase their foot candy.

Above are some of the hottest shoes we saw walking down the red carpet at this year’s Golden Globe Awards. From the always-in-style black pump, to the wild and bold patterned heel, these are some super hot styles we could spend all day drooling over. Check them out and let us know what your favorites were in the comments below.