Rejected! The Bachelor Helps You Turn Down Dates

The next time that guy at the bar just won’t take a hint and insists you give him your number, scribble the following digits on a napkin: 212-432-7827 (or 212- HEARTBR).

The folks over at The Bachelor created a fun phone service that helps you let anyone down gently, with host Chris Harrison and new Bachelor Sean Lowe on your side. When the caller dials in the number, he is greeted by Harrison’s voice breaking the bad news: “Whoever gave you this number is trying to send you a message — and it’s not a good one: They don’t like you. No rose for you.”

If you think this is harsh, Lowe offers some good news. He’s there to help the caller “make it through this tough time” in one (or all) of three ways:

If the caller presses “1,” Lowe sympathizes saying “Man, this sucks” and shares the story of his own public rejection. With a “2” the caller gets an uplifting poem and “3” treats him to a get-back-out-there pep talk.

Issue of the annoying bar guy: solved. Thank you, Bachelor peeps!