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Remember That One Time a Vicious Skinhead Brawl Broke Out on Geraldo?

On November 2, 1988, violence broke out midway through a taping of Geraldo for an episode called “Teen Hatemongers.”

When 20-year-old John Metzger, a guest representing the White Aryan Resistance Youth, called a black guest an “Uncle Tom,” things got ugly real quick.

That’s when Roy Innis, got up from his chair and started choking Metzger. From that point, all hell broke loose on stage, with audience member jumping into join the brawl. Chair were hurdled through the air, punches were thrown and racial slurs were shouted.

During the scuffle, Geraldo Rivera’s nose was broken and his face was cut, though he chose not to press charges.

Check out a video of the epic on-air fight in the video featured above.

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