WATCH: Dramatic Rescue Revives Koala Using CPR

It was nearly lights-out for an injured koala in Melbourne this week. The koala, nicknamed Sean according to the Huffington Post, was struck by a car and left in grave condition.

Close to death and acting out of instinct, the koala climbed up a nearby tree.

Langwarrin County Fire Authority responded to reports of the accident, using ladders to reach the animal.

The dramatic rescue was caught on tape and posted to YouTube. The video is almost 5 minutes long, but the resuscitation begins around the 1:50 minute mark.

“It appeared that it had passed away in the tree while members of the crew were rescuing it,” crew captain Sean Curtin told AAP.

It was wildlife rescuer Michelle Thomas who performed the life-saving measures on the marsupial.

“I opened his mouth to see if I could feel or hear a breath, because I couldn’t see the rise and fall of his chest,” Thomas told the Herald Sun. “And then I gave him mouth-to-mouth, or mouth-to nostril.”

Sean the koala has reportedly been doing just fine since the incident.