Rescued Puppy Treated for Meth and Heroin Addiction After Owner’s Arrest

A small terrier puppy named Bubba is currently battling drug addiction in Orange County, California. We’ve heard of adults being addicted to drugs, and we’ve even heard of babies who are born addicted to heroin, but we’ve never heard of this happening to a pet.

According to the Tustin Police Department, officers served an arrest warrant in March for 40-year-old Joshua West. They found West inside of a motel, along with drugs, needles and Bubba.

Bubba was notably lethargic, and he was tested for drugs. It turns out, the results were positive for both methamphetamine and heroin as well as nicotine.

It’s not clear if Bubba’s owner was purposefully administering the drugs to the canine, or if they were accidentally ingested in some way.

The Tustin police posted on their Facebook page:

In addition to other charges, West will face an additional charge for animal cruelty.