Restaurant Gives Free Food to Beautiful People, Offers Plastic Surgery Advice to Ugly People

Would you have the guts to walk into a restaurant to get your looks judged—if it meant possibly getting a free meal? A restaurant in Zhengzhou, central China, is running that promotion with the catch that only “good-looking” customers will get their meals for free, ABC News reported.

Apparently the restaurant in question, Jeju Island, has an entire staff of plastic surgeons on hand to evaluate the patrons.

Customers are photographed on arrival and assessed based on the beauty of their facial features. They are then scored on their appearance and must meet certain criteria in four categories—face, eyes, nose, and mouth—in order to be deemed beautiful enough for the promotion.

Every half hour, the team of surgeons picks the top five most beautiful customers to receive free meals. Other customers allegedly get advice on which plastic surgery procedures would improve their score.

The restaurant has been slammed with opposition, and those who claim the restaurant will ruin the city’s reputation. Locals are particularly outraged by the large, flashy billboards that tout the restaurant’s promotion. Local authorities even had one billboard removed.

The promotion isn’t scheduled to end until mid-February, so the community will have to contend with the offending promotion for a little while longer.