Retiring 1st Grade Teacher Gets the Surprise of a Lifetime from Her Former Students

Our earliest teachers are often the ones who lay down the educational foundation for the rest of our lives. They make a profound impact on not only the kind of students we will ultimately become, but also on the types of people we will turn into one day.

One first grade teacher has been that difference-maker for countless students over the 41 years she has taught. So when she recently approached retirement and showed up to school near the end of term, she was reminded of how much her work has meant to those who benefited from it.

Instead of walking in to a classroom full of her current students, Mrs. Flexer walked showed up to a room filled with former students – all the way to one who was in her very first class.

The former students gave short speeches, shared memories and explained how much having Mrs. Flexer as their first grade teacher meant to them and the profound impact she has made on their lives.

As for Mrs. Flexer, she was shocked and taken aback, explaining that very little ever leaves her speechless but this act of love and appreciation certainly did the trick.

Check out the video above.