REVEALED: Top 15 Names of Douchebag Men

Last November, we posted a piece featuring the top 15 names of crazy women. Needless to say, this post went viral almost immediately. As of today, the post has been viewed by nearly five million people on Facebook, with more than 13,500 shares and 6,000 comments.

Everyone wanted to find out if their name, or someone they know or once dated, was on that list.

That being said, we couldn’t just leave you hanging and not showcase the top 15 names of douchebag men. It’s only fair, right ladies?!

We’ve all been there at least a few times. You meet a guy who’s good looking and appears smart, funny and charming… only to find out two months in that he was infected with douchebag syndrome.

So, what exactly makes a man a douchebag? Well, it depends who you ask.

Some women (and even other dudes) will say that the qualifications include the following: any guy who is chugging a beer in their Facebook profile picture, treats their girlfriend like crap and then blames it on her, wears sunglasses at night… indoors, thinks that Dane Cook is God, drops off the face of the Earth after getting into your pants, is suddenly non-committal via text after confessing that you’re his soul-mate, chooses gym time with his bros over an important life event, douses himself in Axe Body Spray, or plays minds games. The prerequisites are endless.

“Why do I attract all the douchebags?!?” Have you ever heard one of your friends say that? Ever been the one saying that? If so, then you’ve probably dated some guy that had one of the names listed here.

Sure, most men are great, but on that long, winding road to locking down a keeper, you’re more than likely to encounter a few duds. Can you spot a douchebag from a mile away?

Check out the top 15 names of douchebag men in the list below. 

  1.  Nick
  2.  Mark
  3.  Jeff
  4. Adam
  5. Tyler
  6. Travis
  7.  Frank
  8. Bradley
  9. Brandon
  10. Mike (Michael)
  11. Scott
  12. Ryan
  13. Eric
  14. Tommy
  15. Matthew

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