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Who’s the Richest Person in Your State?

Real estate blog Movoto created a really cool map that shows the net worth of the richest resident in each U.S. state, using data from Forbes and Celebrity Net Worth. It runs on a scale from red to blue — which has no affiliation to politics — with the darker blues indicating the wealthiest people on the list, and the darker reds reflecting the least wealthy.
Of course, we’re sure most of us would be happy to land in that dark red realm, considering you’re talking about people who have billions in the bank (that’s “billions” with a B).
There’s no consistency among the wealthy on this list — it’s made up of entrepreneurs, heirs / heiresses, and widows.  Some names you’ll likely know, like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, who are at the tops in Washington and Nebraska, respectively. The Walton family, heirs to the Walmart empire, also made the list. Movoto points out that, “Of the wealthiest in each state, roughly half are founders of companies. Another major path to wealth is inheritance, with the Waltons being the most striking example.”
How does that break down? In Arkansas, Jim Walton comes out worth $35.7 billion, in Texas there’s Alice Walton at $35.3 billion, and in Wyoming you have Christy Walton, who is worth $37.9 billion.
You can click on the map above to expand it larger, and check out who ranked highest in your state. The map on Movoto’s website is actually interactive. You can hover over the state to see the individual’s image pop up, then click a link to land on their Wiki page and read about the individual.

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