Why Did This Political Group Run the Most Ridiculous Pro-Weed Ads for a Rival Candidate?

Hulu users living in North Carolina have likely seen plenty of the above advertisement, supposedly plugging Libertarian Senate candidate Sean Haugh with one of the most ridiculous pro-weed slogans ever conceived: “Get Haugh, get high!”

There’s only one issue — Haugh has nothing to do with the advertisements. The absurdly stoner-friendly ads were first reported on by political blogger Matt Phillippi and Bloomberg.

Libertarian candidates are generally noted supporters of legalizing marijuana, but the blogger and news site noted how outlandish they were, featuring tie-dye shirts, Bob Marley paraphernalia, and a supposed stoner saying “Vote Sean Haugh, oh yeahhhh.”

As it turns out, the ads were actually paid for by a conservative group, backed by the powerful Koch brothers. The ad spots are apparently worth a quarter of a million dollars, and given where that money’s coming from, the goal is likely to disparage the third-party challenger, or possibly to win over young Democrats who would otherwise cast their votes for incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan — allowing Republican challenger Thom Tillis.

You can watch the surreal, out-of-touch video above, or a second one below.