10 Ryan Gosling Products You Need in Your Life

When we came across a pair of Ryan Gosling earrings last year, we initially didn’t know what to make of them. We didn’t know if they were funny, or cute or plain ridiculous. Then we thought, “Who cares? It’s Ryan Gosling and we love him!”

Seriously, who doesn’t appreciate a little Ryan Gosling in their day? We sure do, and it was exactly with that thought we started searching for other everyday products that have the heavenly actor’s face plastered all over. What we found was pretty spectacular.

The online shop Etsy, has tons of random products for the super R.G. fan. We’re talking everything from nail decals to prayer candles to even the actor’s soul.

Say what? Yes, someone is selling a mason jar with pixie dust labeled with the actor’s name. Hey, we’re with it; it’s a great addition for the shrine. Don’t judge us.

But not all the products are so out there. In fact, some are even practical. A Ryan Gosling reusable tote-bag? It’s good for the environment and amazing to look at. Win-win!

For more of the most ridiculous Ryan Gosling products we have ever seen, check out the slideshow above and get your credit card ready, because you’re doing some shopping today.

You’re welcome!