Rihanna Selfie Fail Helps LAPD Raise Insane Amount of Money

It looks like the LAPD will be profiting from Rihanna’s recent selfie fail.

When the Grammy-winning singer attended a Los Angeles Clippers playoff game last week and attempted to capture a photo next to Police Commission president Steve Soboroff, things didn’t go quite as planned.

Instead of taking a picture perfect moment to put up on Instagram, Rihanna ended up dropping Soboroff’s iPhone, cracking the screen.

“The phone still works, but the screen is cracked because Rihanna dropped it!” the seller note says. “It has been reset and wiped clean. It will come in an iPhone 5 box along with LAPD wristbands like the ones we are wearing in the photo, and the charger cable.”

Steve Soboroff and Rihanna

As an apology, she signed the back of Soboroff’s phone with “sorry, I <3 LAPD”. He then posted the picture of the result on Twitter and used the mishap as an opportunity to raise money for the LAPD Foundation by auctioning off the phone on eBay for two charities aimed to help families of fallen officers.

The auction closed with an insane bid of $66,500 dollars, with Rihanna adding another $25,000 to the fund.

Photo Credit: Getty Images