Risky Tongue Patch Surgery Promises Quick Weight Loss

When it comes to insane weight loss tactics, we thought we had seen it all.

Well it turns out, we had not. Women in Beverly Hills are flocking to a new procedure that promises to help them lose as much as 30 pounds in a month’s time.

Dr. Nikolas Chugay developed what he calls the “Miracle Patch,” an operation where patients get a postage stamp sized piece of marlex – an abrasive plastic material typically used in hernia repair operations — sewn into their tongues to make eating impossible.

According to Yahoo Shine, “The plastic is attached with six stitches and left in place for up to one month. It makes eating solid food so painful that the patient is forced to drink only liquids, which causes rapid weight loss.”

The procedure has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but Dr. Chugay says there’s no harm in it and can help overweight or obese patients “get back on course.”

While Dr. Chugay is confident in this new form of extreme dieting, other experts aren’t so sure.

Dr. Richard Chaffoo, a plastic surgeon based in La Jolla, CA, calls the procedure “a sham,” “unethical,” and says the theory behind it is flawed.

“Weight loss is really a change in your lifestyle,” he said. “You really have to decide how being overweight or eating the incorrect foods impacts you. If you don’t change your lifestyle, you’re going to go back to eating that way anyway.”

Robert Rey, a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon echoes this notion.

“It’s the latest fad,” he told Time Magazine. “No matter how creative we get with these insane mechanical barriers, nothing replaces discipline.”

Brian Evans, another plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, points to the health risks patients might be subjecting themselves to.

“Adding a foreign substance to the body comes with the risk of infection or rejection, which means swelling, pain and discomfort” he said. “A procedure like this would have to pass the rigors of testing before I would consider it.”

Even on his own website, Dr. Chugay informs patients possible side effects include temporary tongue swelling and speech impediments.

As for the extreme calorie restriction, Dr. Chaffoo also gives the following warning: “What will happen is the body will actually begin to eat its own tissue. You’ll have muscle loss. You’ll starve yourself to death.”

Feature Images: drchugay.com and Alasdair Baverstock