Toronto’s Crack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford Gets His Own Musical

If you haven’t heard of Rob Ford yet, you’ve been missing out on one hell of a ride. Rob Ford is essentially a crooked, crack-smoking cartoon character of a politician currently serving as the mayor of Canada’s largest city, Toronto.

For those who haven’t followed Ford’s unbelievable antics, there’s no need to worry. A new Rob Ford musical will bring his epic saga to the stage so you can catch up.. The production, titled “Rob Ford the Musical: Birth of a Ford Nation,” held auditions on Monday in Toronto.

Dozens of hopeful Ford look-alikes turned up to audition for the title role, most sporting his trademark receding hairline and heavyset build. The play will likely open in mid-September of this year, just in time for the October mayoral election.

“A lot of my friends kind of liken him to Chris Farley, so I’ve been tapping into that a bit,” said Geoff Stone, a songwriter from Toronto who showed up in full costume, complete with dyed-blond hair, shaved bald spot, and glass pipe.

The musical’s writer Brett McKaig described the play as a take-no-prisoners comedy concerning a spirit that tries to show Ford the error of his ways. McKaig also stressed that the musical is neither pro-Ford or anti-Ford, but instead aims to just tell a good story and make people laugh.

“We’d welcome Mr. Ford to come and do the opening night speech,” McCaig said.

Ford, the only man truly equipped to play such a larger-than-life role, is currently taking a break from his reelection campaign as he’s recently entered a rehab facility for substance abuse. This came after months of him denying he had either a substance or alcohol abuse problem, although he’d admitted to (and been caught on video) smoking crack.

It’ll be interesting to see how the musical affects his chances at continuing his inexplicable run as mayor of a major city. Maybe it’s a publicity stunt by his own PR people to promote himself as Canada’s new messiah. In which case, we’ll all cross our fingers in hopes that it won’t be long before we see Rob Ford vying for the position of Canadian Prime Minister.

As you eagerly count down the days until the Rob Ford musical, enjoy a compilation of the most insane videos of madman Rob Ford, without delving into the videos of him actually on crack, cursing and raving like a madman.