89-Year-Old Woman Saves the Day: Disarms Sword-Wielding Robber with Golf Club

Miyo Koba, an 89-year-old shopkeeper at Frank’s Superette in Moses Lake, Washington, is one tough cookie!

When a masked sword-wielding robber walked up to the store’s counter and tried to get her to open the cash register, Koba refused.

“I said, ‘No, I’m not going to open the till for you,'” she told KREM, “‘If you don’t get your hands off the till, I’m going to stab you with my scissors.'”

Of course, she couldn’t bring herself to actually stab him.

“He started pounding on the register trying to open it because I wouldn’t do it for him,” she said. “He pulled out his little sword out of his little jacket, and he just kind of waved it a little bit.”

Then the suspect pushed Koba to the floor and attempted to run off with the unopened register. That’s when Koba, who was still on the ground, reached for a golf club and began swinging at him, hitting the robber in the legs.

The thief was able to get away on a BMX bike, but police later recovered the register and returned it to Frank’s Superette. Apparently, they also found all of his clothes.

“He must have been running around in his underwear and no shoes because that’s what they said, they found all his clothes,” said Koba.

According to police, this “little sword” Koba described actually measured about three feet. Talk about not being intimidated!

Police are still searching for the man.