Robin Roberts of Good Morning America Recovering From Bone Marrow Transplant

Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts is recovering today after undergoing a bone marrow transplant yesterday to treat a rare blood disorder.

Her doctor says Roberts is feeling energized after the five-minute transplant process in which she was injected with a syringe carrying cells by her donor, sister Sally-Ann.

Roberts went public with her grim diagnosis in June of this year. It’s not the first time the 51-year-old has had a serious health scare—she was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago, and it appears her myelodyplastic syndrome  (MDS) was triggered by the treatment she underwent for the cancer.

She has a long road to go towards recovery, but is feeling optimistic. However, bone marrow recipients are at an increased risk of infection because of their weakened immune systems.

After recovering for several months from the procedure, Roberts is expected to return to her co-anchor chair at the TV program. Her fellow news anchors Diane Sawyer and Sam Champion were by her side, as were her loved ones as she underwent the transplant procedure.

MDS affects blood cell production, and Roberts underwent grueling rounds of chemotherapy treatment 10 days before the transplant, in order to prepare her system for the cell replenishment.

“It was an emotional, scary and yet exhilarating moment, one that I’ll never forget,” Champion said of the transplant procedure.

“I will now wait and anxiously watch and see what happens,” Robin said after the procedure. “In the next seven to 10 days my counts will continue to go up and we’ll be on to phase three, which will be get out of here. Get out of here. Go home. It’s a journey.”

It certainly is. We all wish Roberts a speedy recovery!