Why Did Millions of People Fall in Love with This Old Man Waiting at the Airport?

Long gone are the days at airports when family, lovers, and friends were allowed to meet you at the gate when you arrived. As a kid during the early ’90s, I remember the excitement of arriving back home — knowing I’d be warmly greeted by my mom or grandparents after landing safely. Those were the good ole’ days when airports were much less invasive, stressful, and there were far fewer restrictions.

Today, you won’t get much further than the front door without a ticket in hand. These days, that reunion now typically takes place on the busy sidewalk. And due to the taxing environment, those arrivals aren’t always so pleasant, especially for couples. Greeting your partner at the airport is meant to be a sweet, romantic gesture.

But just when we thought true love was no longer alive and well at the airport, we came across this heartwarming video Facebook user Chris Perry posted on Monday.

In the video below, you’ll see an elderly man waiting patiently for his wife outside of the terminal with a bouquet of flowers. As the camera rolls, a woman comes into view and the couple share a sweet hug and kiss — incredibly happy to see one another, again.

Since being posted, the video has been watched by millions and shared tens of thousands of times.