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Meet the Killer Who Survived His Own Execution

On September 21, 1984, Romell Broom abducted, raped and murdered 14-year-old Tryna Middleton in Cleveland, Ohio. The young girl was walking home from a football game with two of her friends when they were approached by a suspicious vehicle. That’s when Broom got out of the car and threatened them with a knife.
While the other girls were able to escape and call for help, Tryna was not so lucky.
Two hours later, her body was discovered in a parking lot; Broom had sexually assaulted her and stabbed her seven times in the abdomen and chest.
A jury later found him guilty on all charges and he was sentenced to death on October 24, 1985.
Romell BroomAfter spending 24 years on death row, with all of his appeals denied, Broom was scheduled to be executed on September 15, 2009. However, that execution was unsuccessful. It was totally botched.
Everything was going as planned: his final meal was provided, he was visited by the warden and chaplain, a heart monitor was connected to his body, and the witnesses were seated and waiting to watch him take his last breath.
Shockingly, the execution team was unable to located suitable veins to insert an IV to perform the lethal injection. He was poked with needles at least 18 times in those two hours.
The execution was called off by the then Governor Ted Strickland, and Broom was granted a stay for one week, though additional stays have been granted. Many have argued that making a second attempt to kill Broom would be cruel and unusual punishment.
He is still currently waiting on death row.

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