Rong ‘Rollin’ Wang’s ‘Chick Chick’ Video Is the Most Insane Thing You’ll See This Week

Forgive us for any mistakes, but we used Google Translate and Google Search to figure out as many “facts” about this singer and video as we could. And it still doesn’t make any sense whatsoever — but we can’t stop watching the absolute hilarious insanity.

The bizarre music video is produced by Chinese singer Rong “Rollin” Wang for a song called “Chick Chick.” Some people think it’s going to become the next “Gangnam Style” or “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say),” and from a purely repetitive sound and crazy costumes perspective it could be on the right track. It features Wang and a bunch of sexy lady dancers wearing deep-cleavaged white chicken corsets, as well as hunky shirtless male dancers in animal masks making barnyard noises. There’s also some crazy animation thrown in.

What about that doesn’t say “Viral Sensation”?chick1

The Rong Rollin Wang video has had more than 4 million hits, and most do not come from Chinese viewers. According to ABC News (yes, they covered it): “The official version posted on, China’s equivalent of YouTube and Netflix, has garnered only 2.5 million views. Considering YouTube remains blocked inside the Middle Kingdom, ‘Chick, Chick’ has had more views outside of China.”


The song primarily features Wang singing in Mandarin: ”Mother Hen, Mother Hen,” “Little Chick, Little Chick,” “Rooster, Rooster” and “Who stole my chicken feed?” This is followed by all those animal noises that are so popular with the kids these days.

Check it out. You’ll either have something to cluck about, or a reason to throat punch us.