Cows Love This Trombone Cover of Lorde’s ‘Royals’

It turns out you don’t need a sheepdog to herd cattle, so long as you have a talent for brass instruments and a knowledge of modern pop songs.

In this video, farmer and YouTube star Derek Klingenberg┬ásits alone in a wide open field and begins play Royals on Trombone. Yes, that’s “Royals,” by Lorde, on the bulky brass instrument you’d never expect to be part of such a catchy pop song, but there it is.

Klingenberg doesn’t stay alone in that field for long, as a surprisingly big herd of cows come to listen to the surprisingly excellent music. This isn’t his first time doing something like this, as Klingenberg has given the trombone treatment (which sounds painful) to several other popular songs, but none of them quite surpasses his cover of “Royals.”

Watch the video above.