Greedy Hogs Threaten to Ruin Halloween for One Town

Pigs roaming the streets on Halloween night is no longer just an apt metaphor for over-eating trick-or-treaters, but an unfortunate reality for one Florida town.

Wild boars are running wild in one Brevard County neighborhood — Sawgrass at Suntree — and the issue may force the town to cancel Halloween, as the local homeowners association is worried that hapless trick-or-treaters could be targeted by the vicious beasts. After all, these pigs might do anything to get their hooves on a few Snickers bars.

“Some of the homeowners are telling me they’re walking out on the sidewalk, they’re pooping, they’re crossing the road,” wildlife trapper James Dean told WESH Orlando.

The boars have also uprooted at least 17 lawns. Dean has already captured eight hogs, weighing up to 350 pounds, but the streets are still not safe. Dean has baited several traps using corn throughout backyards, but if that doesn’t work, he’s ready to resort to more extreme measures.

“What we’ll do is come in Wednesday or Thursday with a pack of dogs that will actually catch the hogs and at least scare them further away from the residents around here,” Dean said.