When You Learn the Truth About Why This Runner Collapses After Each Race, You Will Be Floored

Kayla Montgomery is an award-winning long distance runner. She also happens to suffer from Multiple sclerosis (MS).

Since being diagnosed at the age of 14, she has completely dedicated her life to competing and breaking records as one of the country’s greatest long distance runners.

Her battle with MS may not make racing easy, but her astonishing display of perseverance is something we can all learn from. She never gives up. She comes out on top, even if that means collapsing into her coach’s arms each time she crosses the finish line.

Although running has helped relieve some of her symptoms, whenever she races hard, the MS causes her legs to go completely numb.

“She doesn’t run to get a scholarship. She doesn’t run to get trophies. She doesn’t run to win,” said her coach Patrick Cromwell. “It’s a personal journey for her.”

During the 5000 meters at the national indoor track championships in New York on March 14, she overcame all odds. You really have to watch the video of her race above to believe it. This is what you call not giving up.

Her will and determination are astonishing. It will inspire you.