Rush Limbaugh Leaves $2,000 Tip, Waitress Gives It to Abortion Charity

In an interview with the Dallas Morning News, a waitress at a high-end Dallas steakhouse claimed she donated the massive tips left for her by conservative radio talk show personality Rush Limbaugh to an abortion charity.

The waitress, Merrit Tierce, has a soon-to-be-released novel, that chronicles her experiences working at the steakhouse. She has seen her share of wealthy people at her tables but one of the more memorable was Limbaugh, who is well-known for his outspoken conservative views on women, reproductive rights, and the feminist movement.

On multiple occasions Limbaugh left $2,000 in $100 bills for Tierce, who described it as blood money.

“He’s such an obvious target for any feminist or sane person. It was really bizarre to me that he gave me $2,000, and he’s evil incarnate in some ways,” she said.

Suffice to say the two don’t see eye-to-eye on social and political topics.

Tierce, a former executive director for the TEA Fund—a charity for underprivileged women who cannot afford the medical costs of abortions—donated a large portion of Limbaugh’s tips to the abortion charity.

It is unknown exactly how much of the tips were donated, but Tierce called it a sizable chunk.