WATCH: Burly Russian Firemen Rescue Kitten Trapped in Truck’s Spring Coil

A group of burly firefighters from Russia had to think fast when they heard a strange sound from the truck they were driving. They weren’t aware of the little stowaway on the ride until they heard the meows.

It turns out a little cat had entrapped itself in the car’s spring coil and couldn’t move or escape. The big men move quickly to undo the coil and release the kitty—and even if you don’t understand what they’re saying, there is something so cute about seeing the tough-looking guys fawning over their little rescue. It’s lucky they caught the whole thing on video to share!

But as cute as this video is, it serves as a reminder that not all of these stories have such positive outcomes. In autumn and winter months, animals like cats are far more likely to seek out the warmth and protection offered by a parked car—especially if the car was recently running and is still warm. It’s not uncommon for cats to crawl up to nap on tires or along the undercarriage of a vehicle. So always remember to check for stowaways before driving off.