Ryan Gosling in Gruesome New Poster for Only God Forgives

If you’re one of the many Ryan Gosling fans still upset about the hunky star losing out on People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” title, you will either be really happy or really horrified at the latest movie poster starring Gosling.

In a new movie titled Only God Forgives, Gosling appears barely recognizable in black and white. Scratches, dried blood, bruises and a drooped left eyelid mar the actor’s face, who is looking straight up at the viewer.

The movie is directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, and sets Golsing as a criminal living in Bangkok while running a Thai boxing club. We’re reminded of Fight Club, but the similarities remain to be seen.

So what is it about a beat-up looking Gosling that would make fans happy? The promise that they’ll get to see the actor in the new movie that’s to follow, of course.

Only God Forgives will be released in theatres April 4, 2013 in Denmark and soon after in the US. Check out the full poster below.