Ryan Gosling Loves Knitting, Other Celebs Also Smitten

It used to be a stereotype of grandmothers everywhere—a nice old lady with her knitting needles making a sweater. But Hollywood celebrities are bringing the cool back to knitting circles, from the revelation last year that heart throb Ryan Gosling was into it, to sexy sirens like Scarlett Johansson.

Here are just a few celebs who finding knitting a pleasure to indulge in, whether as a relaxation technique, to pass the time on movie sets, or start a fashion trend to benefit a worthy cause.

Christina Hendricks
This bodacious red head admits she can’t go longer than a few days without succumbing to her knitting obsession, even taking her supplies into interviews and on set. In between takes of I Don’t Know How She Does It which taped in New York City, Hendricks could be seen signing autographs when she wasn’t knitting.

Catherine Zeta-Jones
The Mask of Zorro actress admits the act of knitting relaxes her, even joking to OK! Magazine “I knit sweaters and scarves and blankets, things like that. I’m a very good housewife.” Indeed she is. She even brings her knitting when she visits husband Michael Douglas on set at his films.

Ryan Gosling
For those that think knitting is still a female pastime, won’t your jaws drop when you find out ab-tastic Ryan Gosling had taken up the arts and crafts hobby? It all started on set of Lars and the Real Girl. The hours waiting in between taping scenes were endless, so Gosling got an all-day lesson from the females on set and he’s been hooked ever since. “If I had to design my perfect day, that [knitting] would be it.”

David Arquette
Another man considered too macho to knit, Arquette loves to sit down with some fiber and knitting needles to—what else?—relax. He even posed a few years ago for the book cover Celebrity Scarves 2. Go David! Who needs Courtney Cox when you can make your kid snazzy scarves instead of spoiling her on shopping trips?

Scarlett Johansson
It’s not just an act—though Johansson performed some needlework in Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation, she knows her weft from her warp. She even co-designed an eco-friendly beanie with Neff Headwear. Talk about “knitting around” a business proposition. The fashion decision was more than just business though—the purchase of the beanies went to City of Hope cancer treatment centers. Way to pay it forward, Scarlett!

Sarah Jessica Parker
While on set of Sex and the City, Parker picked up the joy of knitting from cast mate Kristin Davis back in 2005. Since then she’s has three children, and it’s obvious from their winter outer wear they get a lot of use out of mom’s hobby!

Julia Roberts
Also an avid knitter for years, Roberts likes to gift her creations to her fellow cast mates or crew members on set. Celebrity A-lister Jennifer Aniston has worn many of Robert’s pieces for red carpet promotions. She must have been bitten by the envy bug though, because Aniston learned how to knit too!

Here’s a ton of other celebrities who are proud to show off their knitting skills:

Laurence Fishburne
Angela Bassett
Tyra Banks
Julianna Margulies
Whoopi Goldberg
Sandra Bullock
Hilary Swank
Rebecca Budig
Goldie Hawn
Monica Lewinsky
Kate Moss
Cameron Diaz
Uma Thurman
Isaac Mizrahi
Tiffani Amber Thiessen
Brooke Shields
Caroline Rhea
Winona Ryder
Courtney Thorne-Smith
Debra Messing
Megan Mullally
Daryl Hannah
Julianne Moore
Madeline Albright
Rose McGowan
Tyne Daly