Texas Girl Found 12 Years After Being Kidnapped by Her Mother

After 12 long years of holding onto the hope that his kidnapped daughter would be found alive and unharmed, a Texas father, Gregory Allen, will finally be able to hold her in his arms.

Sabrina was taken from him back in 2002, when his ex-wife Dara Marie Llorens never returned his daughter, whom he has primary custody of, the weekend she was scheduled to be dropped off into his custody, according to the American-Statesman.

The girl was rescued in Mexico on Tuesday and has been brought back into the US, thanks to the assistance of the FBI, U.S. Marshals and Mexican Police.

“I’m going to ask her if I can give her a hug,” the girl’s father, Greg Allen, said through tears at an emotional news conference today. “She’s in pretty bad shape as far as my understanding … She was not living a regular life. She has not been going to school.”

Llorens was extradited after being tracked over the past two weeks by an informant, who placed her under surveillance. She had various warrants out for her arrest, which included unlawful flight to avoid prosecution and interference with child custody, explained private investigator Philip Klein.

According to USA Today, the girl, now 17-years-old, is currently being medically evaluated and has not yet seen her father, though we’re sure it’s going to be one emotional reunion.

“I want to know her. She’s a completely different person, but they say personalities are formed by age five,” Allen told ABC News’ Austin affiliate KVUE in an exclusive interview. “[I’m] hoping she has some memories still.”