Safety First: 3 Best Gadgets to Make Your Drive Safer

We all know that as car drivers we have a responsibility to be careful and attentive on the road. This means no eating while driving, no putting on make-up and certainly no texting or talking on our cell phones.

While we all know these are important rules to follow, many of us still haven’t given up our bad habits. Every day you see drivers texting or chatting away on their cell phones — from teenagers who must know what happened at the party they missed last night, to businessmen who have to get the update on the latest numbers, almost everyone has a hard time keeping their hands off their cellular devices while driving.

Thankfully we have the technology available today that helps us stay safe on the road. We review tons of products here at FTK and recently got to try our hands at some safe-driving gadgets that we just loved. Check out three products that we think every driver should have.

1) SuperTooth Crystal: This Bluetooth speakerphone is a dream come true for those who have to stay connected while on the road. This device needs no installation as it links wirelessly by Bluetooth with your phones so you can talk hands-free while driving. All you do is clip the ultra sleek device onto your visor and you’re good to go. It reconnects with your phone every time you get into your car and it can support up to eight devices simultaneously.

The speakerphone allows for voice calling with compatible devices and has big buttons to make it quick and easy to perform the function you want.

Perhaps our favorite part is how long the battery lasts on this device: up to 20 hours or 40 days of standby all on one full charge! And there are no surprises when it does go low on battery because it beeps to let you know it is time for a charge.

2) Bracketron Grip-iT Dash Mount: Many people today are foregoing the old GPS devices and switching over to the GPS capability on their phones. The Grip-iT Dash Mount is perfect for viewing your phone as it gives you directions. We love that it has a full 360° rotation and allows for viewing at any angle and in either landscape or portrait mode.

Another thing we love: It isn’t bulky or awkward to handle. It travels easy if you need it to and doesn’t cramp your style while mounted to your car.

3) Scosche cellCONTROL: This product is for those whose self-restraint could use a little help. Perfect for teens with worried parents or anyone who has a difficult time keeping their hands off their phone. Scosche and Cellcontrol partnered up to create this Safe Driving System to reduce distracted driving by disabling smartphones and blocking all internet access, text messaging, camera, app-usage and incoming and outgoing calls when the car is in motion.

For parents who need help keeping a check on their teens, it has a feature that sends a designated administrator an email or text anytime the driver using it deactivates or tampers with the system. So sneaky teens can’t get around this one.

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