7-Year-Old Sole Survivor of Plane Crash Tries to Wake Dead Parents Before Finding Help

If it wasn’t for her father, she wouldn’t have survived this horrific tragedy.

Seven-year-old Sailor Gutzler miraculously walked away from a plane crash in western Kentucky that claimed the lives of her mother, father, sister and cousin. She was the sole survivor.

According to her relatives, Sailor learned the survival skills that led her to safety from her dad, reports WZTV.

The young girl was somehow able to pull herself out of the burning wreckage despite having broken bones. Then, she walked barefoot in the rain for about a mile to find some help.

“She told me that her parents were dead,” said Larry Wilkins on Fox and Friends Weekend. “I asked her how she knew that and she said, ‘I tried to wake them up and I couldn’t wake them up.'”

Will Carr reported on “America’s News Headquarters” that those who responded to the scene of the accident were shocked that Sailor only walked away from the wreckage with a broke arm.

According to authorities, her family was preparing for impact when the planed crashed, everyone except her father was still strapped in.