These Sandcastles Are the Most Unusual Creations We’ve Ever Seen

If we had to choose one thing we loved about summertime more than soaking up the sun and waves, it would be watching sandcastle experts who sculpt masterpieces on the beach.

A guy from Massachusetts who calls himself Sandcastlematt is pretty serious about building sandcastles.

But they probably aren’t the kind you’re familiar with — his tend to be much, much more unusual. This is an entirely different method from the elaborate sandcastles you see in competitions. Sandcastlematt’s abstract visions almost look as if they are sea creatures emerging from the water, or some imaginative land of ancient temples and bridges.

The foundation and framework for his creations come from found objects such as plywood and vines. Then, he uses the drip method sandcastle technique, which we’re sure you’ve done a time or two on the beach as a kid.

In the world of sand sculpting, not all sand is created equal.

Check out his work above and get inspired to create your own out of this world sandcastle next time you visit the shoreline!

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