Sandra Bullock Surprises and Inspires Graduating Class with Commencement Speech

Sandra Bullock always finds a way to steal the show.

Whether it’s showing off her rapping skillsturning heads with her on-trend fashion, acting in an iconic movie role, or making us laugh our asses off, people simply adore her. Not to mention, she’s known to give some pretty killer speeches.

So, when she took on the role of surprising the graduating class of New Orleans’ Warren Easton Charter School with an unforgettable commencement speech on Monday, everyone in attendance erupted into cheers of excitement.

Practically nobody in the UNO Arena was aware that the Academy Award-winning actress would be taking the stage. Her words were both genuine and hilariously on point. According to Bullock, the advice she gave the students is the same guidance she offers her four-year-old son Louis, telling them to seek out their “joy,” since “it’s the joy that stays with you.”

She also reminded them not to “pick you nose in public” and a more philosophical suggestion that “for some reason people want to see you fail, but that is not your problem, that is their problem.”

Bullock donated money to the school after Hurricane Katrina wrecked it in 2005.