Sarah Palin: ‘Waterboarding Is How We’d BAPTIZE Terrorists if I Were in Charge’

While speaking at a National Rifle Association (NRA) rally this weekend, Sarah Palin didn’t mince words about what she’d do with terrorists if she were in charge.

The above video details her thoughts, which equate waterboarding as a baptism for terrorists. Speaking off the cuff isn’t anything new for Palin, but some feel she went a bit far this time.

For example, Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist writes:

 “When my husband (who was baptized 10 years ago today, as it happens) told me about this, I had a hard time believing that she actually said it. Not just because baptism couldn’t be taken more seriously in traditional Christianity but because the media routinely misquote or fail to provide context for quotes. But the video makes the statement seem even worse.”

Hemingway was thoroughly troubled by Palin’s decision to joke about one of the most important sacraments in the Christian church.

Mary Morerbe of the Cranach Institute shares feelings:

“Sarah Palin’s brash words portray herself to be a great and powerful baptizer, not bringing faith or the forgiveness of Jesus—or even the sympathy implicit in secular uses of ‘baptism by fire’—but crossing the line into government aggression, specifically against those already subdued and captive. She merged government with religion in one of the worst possible ways: by making herself judge and arbiter.”

In response to the criticism she has received, Palin told NBC’s Kacie Hunt: “Would I make it again?” Palin said. “Why wouldn’t I, yeah, absolutely. Terrorists who want to annihilate Americans, innocent Americans, our children — whatever it takes to stop them. If I were in charge, I’d be stoppin’ em.”

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