Sassy 109-Year-Old Woman Shares Secret to a Long Life

Jessie Gallan is the oldest living woman in Scotland, having recently turned 109 years old. When asked to share her secret to longevity, she credited just two things to her long life and happiness — a morning bowl of porridge, and avoiding men and marriage.

“My secret to a long life has been staying away from men,” she said to The Daily Mail. “They’re just more trouble than they’re worth. I also made sure that I got plenty of exercise, eat a nice warm bowl of porridge every morning and have never gotten married.”

Despite her age, Gallan maintains a healthy lifestyle and an active social life. Her caregiver said that in addition to regular walks, Gallan exercises frequently — refusing to live a sedentary lifestyle.

While Gallan is the oldest person in Scotland, she is not the oldest living person in the world. That title belongs to Misao Okawa, from Japan, who is 116 years old.  Although Okawa was once married, she has lived as a widow for the past 83 years—so perhaps there is some merit to Gallan’s suggestion to avoid men in order to live longer.

Watch the video above to see what else Gallan says about her longevity.

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