Saudi Historian: American Women Drive Cars Because “They Don’t Care If They’re Raped on the Roadside”

The above video features a Saudi Arabian historian attempting to justify his nation’s ban on female drivers. His assertion is that women in the United States could care less if their raped.

Seleh al-Saadoon’s ridiculous comments come after the Saudi Arabian government has been proven to treat rape victims horribly within their country. Rather than holding abusive men accountable for their actions, women have often been to blame.

For example, one woman was sentenced to 90 lashes after she was gang raped by seven men. The court’s reasoning was that she was riding in the car of a non-relative male when they were ambushed.

In an effort to clear her name and make the world aware of the plight of women in Saudi Arabia, she she went to the press. The Court of Qatif became enraged and increased her punishment to 200 lashes.

It is quite obvious that al-Saadoon’s understanding of life in the United States is laughable. Hopefully, if silly (uneducated) comments like are pointed out, positive change for women can result.