Savora – The Coolest Kitchen Gear for Foodies Everywhere

The other day we were sent the Savora Contour Series of kitchen gadgets to try out, and as a former food writer and resident foodie / home cook who loves entertaining, this was a real delight.

The set included an oil mister, garlic press, can opener, rotary grater, peeler and ice cream scoop — all of which are super sexy, with a sleek, sophisticated, graceful design. They can be purchased separately, but as I laid them out on my counter I realized how the whole collection literally transformed my kitchen, changing it from a perfectly fine and functional location into a fun place to prepare and enjoy good food. The bright colors lit up the space and added a bit of sophisticated whimsy.

But were these tools any good? I set out on a weekend of cooking to find out.

The Details

1. Oil Mister
Oil misters are great for a number of reasons. For health-conscious cooks (like me) they reduce the amount of oil you put in a recipe where you would normally free pour — such as in a dressing or on a pan before cooking and baking. They also help protect your pans, because the chemicals in store-bought nonstick cooking sprays can damage the nonstick surface with longterm use. The Savora oil mister works really well. It’s got an easy-to-fill container, and with a couple quick pumps you’re good to go. Fast, clean and neat.

2. Can Opener
It’s easy-to-grip and hold, and snaps solidly onto can tops. There’s also a release button, keeping it tightly locked so the opener won’t pop off while you’re twisting the knob. Maybe that’s a common feature these days, but I’d never seen it before and loved it on the Savora. This version also works as a bottle opener and twist cap remover, which was convenient since I enjoy cooking with a beer in hand.

3. Peeler
The sculpted handle was easy to grip and felt solid, like I was holding something of substance. It cut really well through the carrots and potatoes I was peeling, and it never slipped out of my hand when wet. Cleaning it off was also easy, with a nicely curved top that let me slip the sponge inside to wipe off the blade.

4. Ice Cream Scoop
It doesn’t have that fancy button that pops the ice cream ball out, but it did make perfectly rounded balls like you get in an ice cream shop. And, when I set the scoop in a small glass of warm water, it cut right through the cold ice cream with no problem. I felt old-timey and modern all at once.

5. Rotary Grater
This is a big device, so if storage is an issue you should keep that in mind. It has a sculpted handle that offers a great hand feel, and the grating wheel can be removed and flipped for both right or left-handed use. During one usage, while we were shredding room temperature parmesan, a bit of the cheese got gummed up at the top. This is pretty common for rotary graters, and it didn’t hinder the Savora’s function, but it can create a small clump of cheese you wouldn’t want to serve guests. You can use a cooler cheese to prevent this from happening, or just do what I did: Open it up after the meal and snack on the cheese that’s collected under the top handle. As long as you don’t waste that cheese, you’ll be fine.

6. Garlic Press
This was the only challenging device, mostly in terms of cleaning. It looks cool and the cast metal handle delivers an awesome, satisfying crush when used. The garlic bits collect in a plastic cup on the container’s tip, but cleaning out the metal grate can be a pain. Since I usually chop garlic on a board anyway, this is going to be my show piece. I love the look and feel, but doubt I’ll use it that often.

Why You Should Buy Them Now

Timing is everything. Sure, you could give these as Christmas gifts and your loved one will open them after you’ve all eaten your big meal and cherish them the way I do. But if that  person really loves cooking then he or she will want them to use when preparing all your holiday meals. They will want them because they’re fun to use, and so they can talk about them with guests as they arrive for the celebration — not after the holidays are over. So, yes, we’ll have these listed on our gift guide, no doubt, but trust us when we say that if you buy them now that special someone will love the surprise even more.

And, while you’re at it, go ahead and buy a couple pieces (or the entire set) for yourself. You deserve it.