Stray Golden Retriever So Frightened During Rescue She Covers Her Eyes Like a Scared Child

Every time we see a video like this one, we just can’t help but want to fulfill our childhood dream of rescuing each and every stray animal.

Clarabelle was a stray Golden Retriever who had been homeless for many weeks before a kind stranger called Hope for Paws to rescue her.

Although people had been feeding her, they were unable to get close, as she was incredibly terrified.

Hope for Paws visited the location five times before they were able to discover her hiding spot beneath a stationary train. When rescuer Eldad Hagar approached Clarabelle, she was so frightened that she actually covered her eyes like a scared child.

But her reaction once being shown a little love is what really surprised us. Within hours of being rescued, she underwent a profound transformation.

In the video above, meet the frightened dog who only needed some love.