Scarred 3-Year-Old Kicked Out of KFC for Disrupting Other Customers

A KFC franchise recently found itself in hot water after an employee at one of the chain’s restaurant kicked out a three-year-old girl with a scarred face, saying her appearance was disruptive to other customers.

A few months ago, Victoria Wilcher was mauled by three pit bulls in an attack that left heavy scars and injuries on her body. According to her Facebook recovery page, she lost her right eye, has a broken upper and lower jaw, a broken nose and smashed cheekbones. The right side of her face is also paralyzed.

What makes the KFC employee’s actions and words even more appalling is that the toddler is already self-conscious about her appearance. The aftermath of the attack is so bad, in fact, that “she won’t even look in the mirror anymore” according to her grandmother, Kelly Mullins.

Speaking with 16 WAPT News reporters, she said, “When we go to a store, she doesn’t even want to get out [of the car]. She’s 3 years old and she’s embarrassed about what she looks like. She’s embarrassed and I hate it because she shouldn’t be. It ain’t her fault.”

After sharing their story on social media, the family received a massive amount of support from the online community, springing the franchise into action.

At the start of the investigation, KFC spokesperson Rick Maynard wrote in an email “We take this very seriously, as we have zero tolerance for any kind of hurtful or disrespectful actions toward our guests. Our investigation is ongoing, but we will make things right for this beautiful little girl and her family, and will work with the franchisee to take appropriate action at the restaurant.”

The franchise has since apologized to the family and is also giving them $30,000 to put towards Victoria’s medical bills.

Check out the news clip above.