Scary Home Invasion Caught on Security Camera (VIDEO)

After a robber broke down a door to gain access into a home in Millburn, New Jersey, he brutally attacked a woman while her three-year-old daughter watched on in horror.

The entire incident was captured on a security camera in the living room. Police say the man repeatedly punched and kicked the woman for 10 minutes. He even threw her down a flight of stairs before stealing some jewelry and her wedding ring.

“I knew that if I started to scream my daughter would too and I was afraid he would shoot at her. I took it and I didn’t cry the entire time,” the unnamed victim told News 12. “They need to help us get him off the street. He’s not just a burglar, he’s violent.”

The homeowner suffered a concussion and was hospitalized before being released.

The intruder, 42-year-old Shawn Custis, was later apprehended and charged with attempted murder, robbery, burglary, and child endangerment.