Diary of a Snakebite Death – He Was Bitten By a Snake & Instead of Seeking Help Decided to Write About It

The day was September 25, 1957 and Dr. Karl P. Schmidt was assigned to classify a rare snake from Africa. He began his studies on the snake, unable to identify it.

At one point, he picked up the snake without thinking and was bit. Instead of running to the hospital, he decided to journal exactly what happened to him as his body tried to fight of the dangerous effects of the bite.

The next day he died of respiration paralysis.

After his death, more information was gathered. The snake was identified as a Boomslang. Their deadly venom inspires bite victims to bleed to death. For example, when the snake bites a bird, it takes just minutes to kill them. In the case of Karl P. Schmidt, it took 24 hours.

There has been much discussion about his last days. Some think he didn’t have access to a cure, while others assume he thought his body would fight the venom.

The above video takes you through the entire story and provides an in-depth look into what was discovered through the scientists untimely death.