Adorable Puppy Born with Two Hind Legs Is Learning to Walk Upright

Meet Scooter, an adorable Ihasa and Poodle mix-breed puppy. Unfortunately, Scooter was born without his two front legs, which caused his owners to give him up immediately after seeing the deformity.

But when Pitty Paws Bully Rescue saw Scooter, they just couldn’t bring themselves to leave him. They took him in and started to teach him how to walk and run.

Having only his two hind legs, Scooter gets around by scooting his chest on the floor. However, further actions needed to be taken because continuously scooting around on the floor would leave him susceptible to infections and skin inflammation.

He is currently learning how to walk upright on his hind legs and also to push himself on a cart.  With the use of a little bit of peanut butter on a spoon, Scooter is eager to learn.

Though it will take some time before Scooter is able to perfect his movements, the help he is receiving along the way is more than happy to work with him.

Check out the cute video above for yourself.