Sculptor Uses Frozen Blood to Create Politician’s Bust

Some people write poetry to show their admiration of others, some shower the object of their affection with flowers and gifts. Then there are those who do something a little…different.

Noted Indian sculptor Hussaini fashioned a bust of J. Jayalalitha, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, in honor of her 65th birthday. Sweet, right?

We thought so, until we learned that the material he used for the project was blood. Yes, 11 liters of frozen blood was used to make the sculpture and yes, that’s why the sculptor’s hand has red liquid on it in the picture above.

It doesn’t stop there. The blood he used wasn’t from a butcher shop — it was human blood. More specifically, Hussaini used 6.5 liters of his own blood and 4.5 liters of donated blood and it took a total of eight years to collect enough of it to make the bust.

So what was the bloody inspiration here? Hussaini told local media that blood represents qualities of valor, courage & sacrifice – all qualities he most likely sees in the chief minister. According to MSN, he also made the sculpture to thank the Jayalalithia for her support of his archery association, saying she’s the “most sports-loving CM of India.”

Jayalalitha however, didn’t give the kind of response the sculpture was probably hoping for. She reportedly wasn’t very fond of the bust and has asked Hussaini to refrain from repeating himself in the future. Ouch!