Cop Attacked by Frightening Sea Lamprey During Routine Traffic Stop

Here’s a little something to fuel your nightmares. We’re not sure if the footage is real because it seriously looks like some kind of scene from a Stephen King movie.

While sea lampreys are typically found in the water, this one just so happened to be hanging out on the frozen road just waiting for someone to come along.

As this cop was performing a routine traffic stop, he was viciously attacked by the monstrous creature.

And he never saw it coming.

The most frightening aspect of the sea lamprey are the rings of teeth in its mouth. Sea lampreys use them to latch onto their prey, then they secrete digestive fluids into their victims. Gross. Usually, these alien-like parasites can grow up to three feet in length, but this one must have been eating his Wheaties.

The most hilarious part of this video? Watching the driver of the truck get out and run for his life.