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You’ll Be Horrified to Find Out How Much Tar Is in a Carton of...

For people who are pack-a-day smokers, they have approximately a cup of poisonous, carcinogenic tar in each lung.

WATCH: Shocking Effects of Cigarettes Will Make You Never Smoke Again

The future just became a whole lot more present for these three smokers.

Here’s Another Reason to Quit Smoking Cigarettes You Probably Haven’t Heard

The next time you light up, maybe you'll think of these innocent children.

Do E-Cigarettes Pose a Threat to Children? The FDA Thinks So

The CDC also reports a rise in e-cigarette poisoning in children.

Serial Killers as Children: 9 Photos

Do you think some people are just born evil?

The Startling Difference Between a Healthy Person’s Lungs and a Smoker’s

This video showing smokers vs nonsmokers lungs lungs really puts things into perspective. Go ahead, take a real deep breath.

7 Strange Celebrity Diets We Don’t Want to Try

Learn all about 7 strange celebrity diets that have been given a try. You probably won't find the exciting. See what you think!