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Were LSD & Marijuana the Secret to Steve Jobs’ Billions?

Find out how often the Apple founder got high and what he had to say about his experiences.

Science Says Marijuana Makes You Skinny — Seriously

Read about the new scientific studies that are revealing this shocking truth.

Beekeeper Trains Bees to Make Honey from Marijuana

This is the world's first 100 percent natural marijuana edible. See how a man is getting honey from marijuana and what this means for humanity.

Canada Legalizing Marijuana From July 2018

It could be legal to buy marijuana in Canada as early as next Summer. Justin Trudeau's liberal government will reportedly announce legislation early next month...

US Border Patrol Seize Nearly $1Million Haul Of Marijuana Disguised As Limes

Smugglers recently went to great lengths to try and get nearly $1million of marijuana into the US - by disguising the illegal goods as...

Here’s Why Medical Marijuana Is So Necessary Right Now

Cerebral palsy is a serious condition. Its effects vary largely between individuals, but usually involve some type of movement dysfunction in the arms, legs,...

Could NFL Players Benefit From Switching to Marijuana?

Is medical marijuana a safe and effective alternative to prescription drugs in the NFL?

Whoopi Goldberg Has a Medical Marijuana Line for Women

Would you buy your drugs from Whoopi or what? Find out where you can find it.

WATCH: Security Camera Captures Horrific Explosion at Marijuana Dispensary

When they said pot has never seriously harmed anyone, they were wrong.

WATCH: ‘Wal-Mart of Weed’: The First Ever Marijuana Mall Set to Open

A marijuana mall? Life suddenly makes sense.