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WATCH: A Texas Children’s Hospital Is Now Giving Children Marijuana

Some parents welcome this, others are horrified.

‘Gas & Grass’ Marijuana Gas Stations Open & the World Suddenly Makes Sense

The marijuana revolution is all about convenience.

QUIZ: How Much Do You Really Know About Medical Marijuana?

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WATCH: Native American Tribe to Open the First Ever Marijuana Resort & Casino

This place sounds too goo to be true -- but it really exists!

WATCH: Beverly Hills Moms Are Mixing Marijuana with Parenting

A group of women in Beverly Hills say smoking pot is the secret to their parenting success.

Yoganja: The Hottest New Exercise Trend Marries Yoga with Marijuana

Find out how many people are blazing before getting into downdog. We want to know if you're one of them.

WATCH: Why Dabbing or Blasting Marijuana is Dangerous

There's nothing cool about setting your face on fire.

WATCH: Officer’s Bust Marijuana Shop – Caught on Camera Eating Edibles

ON the surveillance footage you see the officers goof around, playing darts, looking through the marijuana laced food, and then eat it.