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Bud+Breakfast Hotels Offer Marijuana with Room Service

We know where you're all going next vacation.

Entire Town Gets High After Police Burn 1,000 Pounds of Seized Marijuana

These cops were trying to send a message, only the wrong one got ingested.

Nevada Considers Legalizing Medical Marijuana for Pets

If a Nevada bill passes, vets could prescribe pot for pets.

Teen Gives Teacher Marijuana-Laced Cookie, May Get 10 Years in Jail

Was this a joke or a deal gone wrong? See why one student may end up in jail.

How Much Marijuana Did Colorado Sell in the First Legal Year?

How much does all that marijuana way? WAY more than you'd expect.

NYC Police to Stop Arresting for Low-Level Marijuana Possession

See how this sudden turn came about.

Police Issue Warning to Parents: Halloween Candy May Contain Marijuana

These edibles look so much like traditional candy now, it's almost impossible to tell the difference.