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Does Smoking Weed REALLY Make You More Creative?

Does smoking weed make you more creative? A new study on the effects of smoking marijuana and its relation to creativity has some surprising results.

11 Presidents Who Were into the Wacky Weed

11 U.S presidents who smoked pot are featured in a very funny slideshow here. Did you know that George Washington liked the wacky weed?

WATCH: One Direction Smoking Weed

Will this incident hurt their image?

WATCH: NASA Will Pay You $18,000 to Stay in Bed & Smoke Weed for...

Does this sound like the dream job, or what?

WATCH: ‘Wal-Mart of Weed’: The First Ever Marijuana Mall Set to Open

A marijuana mall? Life suddenly makes sense.

Weed Traffickers Get So Paranoid After Getting High That They End Up Turning Themselves...

We wonder if getting caught was part of their plan all along.

Five Things that Happen to Your Body When You Smoke Weed

Just because something is legal does not mean it is good for you or your body.