Secret Codes Disney Workers Use For The Worst Visitors

Have you heard about the secret Disney codes employees use at the resorts to communicate without guests knowing what they’re saying?

It’s true — and there are some new reports leaking out about them every day.

While it’s fair to say that Disney resorts are magical places where kids and adults alike can live out their greatest childhood fantasies, the people who are responsible for fulfilling these dreams are the staff themselves. So, in order to maintain this happy atmosphere, they use secret codes to address difficult visitors.

Why Disney Secret Codes Exist

disney secret codes
Photo: Shutterstock

For many kids who’ve grown up loving Disney, working at one of the company’s theme parks may seem like a dream job. However, keeping the magic alive at these attractions is no mean feat for these “cast members” (what the company calls their employees).

Even when things might not be going to plan, cast members are charged with preserving the magic. As such, they employ a number of secret Disney codes to deal with negative situations, including one which refers to disruptive or downright rude visitors.

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