Secret Codes Disney Workers Use For The Worst Visitors

disney secret codes Disney World
Main Street USA, the entrance to Magic Kingdom amusement park at Walt Disney World. (Photo: iStock)

So while hanging around the park each day may sound like fun, the job isn’t easy. The hours can be particularly arduous, with shifts starting as early as 4 a.m. or not finishing until 3 a.m. Disney doesn’t pay a lot of money either, so some employees may be required to work long hours to make ends meet.

Furthermore, the heat at Disney World can be extreme. The ex-employee told PopSugar, “Obviously central Florida gets especially hot during the summer, but working outdoors in a full costume can be brutal. I was also required to wear all-black shoes, and one day, because it was so ridiculously hot, the soles of my shoes melted to the ground.”